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07 Jun

EF to Choose Two Torch Bearers for the 16th Asian Games Among EF Students in China; Ongoing Selection Process Based on English Skills and International Outlook with Winners to be Announced in July

Asian Games Collboration with EF

Guangzhou, June 7, 2010

Before anyone can say, “let the games begin!” EF English First will get the home fires burning.

EF, the Official Language Training Supplier of the 16th Asian Games, has announced it will choose two torch bearers from among students attending EF schools in China, with selection based on strong English skills, passion for the Games, and an international outlook that embodies EF’s mission to “break down the barriers of language, culture, and geography.” The selection process has started at all 130 EF schools on the mainland, with finalists to be announced next month.

“The Asian Games are not only an important sports event in Asia, but also a great demonstration of cultural exchange and friendship,” said Bill Fisher, CEO of EF China. “The torch relay among different locations will help more people to understand, to support, and to get to know the Asian Games. As the Official Language Training Supplier of the 16th Asian Games, EF is proud to select the best ambassadors to promote the Asian Games.”
EF plans to select a student who is older than eighteen years of age, and one who is younger, as the representative torch bearers. More than 60,000 volunteers, officers, and Guangzhou citizens are studying English via customized EF online training in preparation for the Asian Games, which will begin November of this year.

About EF Education First:

EF, the world leader in international education, was established in 1965 with the mission to break down the barriers in language, culture, and geography. With 400 schools and over 15 million students, EF specializes in language schools, academic degrees, educational travel abroad, and cultural exchange. Originally conceived in collaboration with Apple, EF’s Efekta(TM) System is the world’s most advanced English learning method and is used to power EF’s language schools and online English courses at Englishtown.com. In addition to helping 1,200 corporations with English training, EF was the Official Language Training Supplier to the Beijing Olympics and is helping Brazil prepare for the 2014 World Cup.

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