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17 Nov

EF Education First will be the Official Provider of Language Courses for the “Olá, Turista!” (Hello, Tourist) Project

Brazil, November 17, 2009

EF’s On-line school will develop a new course with specific contents to qualify/train 80
thousand Brazilians who will be prepared for the 2014 World Cup.

EF Englishtown, the largest on-line English school in the world and a division
of EF Education First, was selected, via an international bid, to be the provider of
language courses for the “Olá, Turista!” project, which is a partnership of Roberto
Marinho Foundation and the Ministry of Tourism, to qualify tourism trade professionals
for the 2014 World Cup to be hosted in Brazil.

“We are proud and excited to work on this project with the Roberto Marinho
Foundation,” said Peter Burman, worldwide president of EF. EF was the official provider
of language training services for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, an event that can
be compared, in terms of magnitude and scale, to the World Cup. “Thanks to our
experience, we can provide customized and intensive language courses, thus helping
Brazil organize the best World Cup of all time,” said the executive.

By using an e-learning tool, the on-line program to qualify professionals, a joint
development with Roberto Marinho Foundation, has the objective of involving trade
tourism and the Brazilian population in an extensive campaign to improve the
reception of tourists in the Country.

EF Englishtown was selected to develop the pedagogic/educational platform of
“Olá, Turista!”, and is also responsible for the development of the English and Spanish
modules of the program. The course consists of the following levels: basic,
professional and regional. The contents of the classes include areas with tourist
appeal, commerce, gastronomy, lodging/hotels, health, security and transportation.
This is not the first time EF Englishtown works in events of such magnitude.

Last year, the company worked on helping prepare Chinese staff for the Beijing
Olympic Games. For Nelson Santonieri, general manager of Roberto Marinho
Foundation, the participation in Beijing was critical for the selection. “EF Englishtown
also presented us a very structured tool, with a consistent methodology, Portuguese
language support for the students; ultimately, all those variables were determinant for
our selection. We will always work with the focus on the students, to ensure them a
successful performance/conclusion in the course.”

“Olá, Turista!” will be implemented in six 2014 World Cup hosting cities and in
the surroundings: Rio de Janeiro (Angra dos Reis, Búzios, Paraty and Petrópolis),
Salvador (Lençóis, Maraú, Mata de São João and Porto Seguro), Manaus (Barcelos and
Parintins), Pernambuco (Recife), Ceará (Fortaleza) and São Paulo (with a capacity to
reach up to 80 thousand tourism professionals. “We will assess the first results and
adopt strategies to ensure that the students remain motivated till the end of the
course,” explained Santonieri.

In the beginning of August, a pilot application for 500 participants was held in
two cities, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, and, as from January 2010, it will also be
implemented in the remaining Brazilian cities.

“We will launch a totally customized on-line course, with specific classes,
grammar and progress follow-up bulletins,” explained Rogério Meireles, general
manager of EF. According to the executive, the students will be able to access the
courses from any Internet-connected computer, 24 hours a day.

In addition to tourism agents that will work in the preparation of the Word Cup,
Olá, Turista will also qualify professionals who will have direct contact with the public,
including clerks, receptionists, waiters, tour guides, cabdrivers and phone operators,
among others. The program will help enhance languages and, as a result, the Brazilian

Estimates consider that 3 billion spectators will watch the games and more than
1 million tourists will visit the Country in that period.

For additional information about the program, please visit www.olaturista.org.br.

Press and Media inquiries are advised to contact [[localcontact]]

About Englishtown and EF Corporate Language Training

Englishtown (www.englishtown.com.br) and EF Corporate Language Training are
divisions of Education First (EF) (www.ef.com/corporate/home/), the largest private
education company in the world. Founded in 1965 with the mission of “breaking
geographic, linguistic and cultural barriers”, EF Group has 29 thousand employees,
400 schools and 75 offices in 51 countries.

Englishtown is the largest on-line English school in the world, with over 15
million users. It was founded in 1996, and its mission is to use technology as an
essentially better way to learn English. Since 2001, Englishtown has operated in Brazil
helping adults, youths and employees of corporations learn English. The teaching
methodology of Englishtown was specifically developed for an e-learning course and
combines high tech and native teachers who are available for the students 24 hours a
day. The company offers basic English courses, business-oriented English modules and
industry specific English, in addition to preparatory courses for TOEIC® e TOEFL®.
EF Corporate Language Training is a worldwide leader of language training for
professionals. With 40 years of experience, EF offers courses targeting the business
area, specialized in helping companies meet their goals by qualifying their
collaborators. In 2008, it was the area of EF that achieved the highest growth in

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