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21 Mai

EF Pledges USD 800,000 in Disaster Relief for China and Myanmar

Lucerne, May 21, 2008

EF Education First will donate USD 800,000 in disaster assistance for earthquake-stricken China and cyclone-hit Myanmar.

According to EF's founder, Bertil Hult: "We have been deeply saddened by the loss, sorrow, and devastation caused by the natural disasters in China and Myanmar. The outpouring of support through donations, vigils, and individual initiatives, from around the EF world, has been very moving. In addition to all the efforts currently underway, I would like to announce EF's gift of USD 800,000 towards disaster relief. Earlier this month, I proudly carried the Olympic torch on behalf of EF. I hope that EF's contribution to the relief efforts may be able to play a small part in making sure that the flame of hope can be reignited in the hearts of the victims and their families."

The Red Cross has already received some of these funds to be used for immediate relief. Executives at EF are also working with the Red Cross to support longer-term reconstruction to rebuild schools in stricken areas for both China and Myanmar.

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